Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Midwest Airlines Magazine Article

The gallery was recently mentioned in an article that ran in the Midwest Airlines in-flight magazine. The article focused on artists and galleries in Eastern Wisconsin. HERE is a link to the article. It is quite long, so below is just an excerpt of the section where we get mentioned:

A Sense of Place
Eastern Wisconsin’s artists have visions for the future that look to the area’s heritage and landscape for inspiration

by Sam Polcer

“It was less than a month after we got back that we were looking for studio space to make our own art,” says Jessica Steeber, who, along with her friend and recent MIAD graduate Cassandra Smith, founded the Armoury Gallery ( upon returning to Milwaukee after a six-month around-the-world journey. They found a spot just north of Downtown that was too nice to use as studio space and decided to fulfill their ambitions of opening a gallery. While only on its sixth exhibition, Armoury has built a solid name for itself and continues to attract attention. For example, kathryn e. martin, an artist garnering acclaim from the Wisconsin art cognoscenti, recently presented her work at the gallery (a large-scale installation of Martin’s, titled flotant, can be seen at the Kohler Arts Center through Jan. 11). Martin is impressed by entrepreneurs like Steeber and Smith, and with the spirit of comraderie that exists among the younger set of art lovers.

“With these galleries popping up, the owners seem to always be there to help each other out, and the artists support each other—as opposed to stepping on each other to get where they need to be,” she says.